Angry parents ask Nickelodeons show Paw Patrol where is Skye

Angry parents ask Nickelodeons show Paw Patrol where is Skye

Nickelodeons hit show Paw Patrol have been accused of sexism after parents complain that most of Paw Patrols merchandise does not include Skye. Parents are circulating social media with the hash tag #whereIsSkye

The hit tv show popular with young children Paw Patrol has faced a back lash of angry parents after release of Paw Patrols merchandise not featuring Skye, the female dog on the show. Many parents are complaining about sexism because the merchandise that feautures Skye is generally pink in colour and aimed at only girls and on unisex merchandise she is missing.

100's of parent that have boys have complained because Skye (the femaly pilot dog) who is part of the main characters is not featured in boys items such as clothing and toys.

The hashtag #WhereIsSkye? has even begun circulating on Twitter to try and encourage Nickelodeon to do something about it and the Facebook group Let Toys Be Toys have been inundated with messages.

Parents weighed in, saying their male children are constantly left upset by the lack of Skye.

Marie Scott-Powis said: 'Paw Patrol is notorious for this. If you want a T-shirt, it will either be the boy pups OR the girl pups.

'Leah Goodwin wrote: 'My son had this when we bought some vests. 'Where's Skye...Mummy?

'I told him the truth. 'The people that make them don't think you should wear something with girls on because you're a boy and shouldn't like them.'